… he belong to THOSE, who are blessed with talent by nature. He understood very soon, that CHEF must be complex. And that´s what he managed.

So I give him like :o)

Vratislav Gregor the owner

I was lucky

My family in Moravia and my grandmother raised me in the middle of a farm. Knowledge of livestock breeding, agriculture cultivation and respect for cooking, the scent of home cooking, this all gave me the basis to later fall in love with my craft.

I was lucky for the second time

At the beginning of my career I was influenced by real Executive Chefs and professionals in Michelin Restaurant Alegro and then alongside Executive Chef Pohlreich.

I was lucky for the third time

I have been given a chance to build restaurant OBLACA from the very beginning. I celebrated with my team 6th anniversary. We are looking forward to new challenges. Our culinary journey is the reformed Czech cuisine with elements of French school of cooking and the aim of keeping our eyes opened to entire world. This is our base. I am pleased when our kitchen join new member with the same enthusiasm fot a thing like us.

The biggest luck to the cloverleaf

I have a beautiful and healthy family

Welcome to the kithcen of happy Chef


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