„The Last of the Mohicans“, that is how one would call Chef David Prášek. He is a member of the golden generation, the ones who always cooked with love and for the challenge. The guests were always giving him the power and you still can see the power in his work. His GOD given talent is unquestionable.


I was born in a Czech mountain range Krkonoše in the second highest located building above Špindlerův Mlýn. During my walks to school I almost froze to death. Since then I love the mountains and fire. I have been cooking my whole life.

Discovering the Dolomites made me fall for the mountains even more. Learning about the DOLOMIT’s products made me realize that I want to work with the company.

Dolomiti SPECK and GRANA Trentino are symbols of my travels and my passion to build this kitchen on its grounds.

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