The Zizkov Tower is an impressive building of the Prague panorama with a height of 243 meters. Its park called "Mahlerovy sady" is place where countless experiences are waiting for you! Whether in the observatory at 93 meters above ground, in a restaurant, or at a picnic below the tower. Get to know Prague from a different perspective. Welcome!



Observe the beauty of Prague from the height of almost 100 metres. The view of the three "capsules" is also different in some parts of the day, night and seasons - which one will be your favorite?

Interisting fact - is possible to see up to 100km in good visibility!

Each of the capsules carries a different topic. The first one will introduce you to the World Federation of Great Towers. In the next cabin are the famous bubble chairs, from which you can enjoy the beautiful Prague and its typical sounds. The last cabin serves as an exhibition and always represents art of Czech origin, as Czech artists exhibition of paintings, photographs, collages, etc.








The Žižkov Television Tower was founded in the years 1985 - 1992 according to the project Ing. Arch. Václav Aulický and Dr. Ing. Jiří Kozák. It is still a highly controversial building due to the contrast of the historical surroundings and high-tech architecture. It is also impossible to miss the climbing giant babies, the laminate sculptures, which are work of the internationally acclaimed artist David Černý.



Reconstruction: Tower Park Praha

Between 2011 and 2012, the tower’s interior underwent complete reconstruction work. A team of acknowledged Czech architects and artists were given the task of designing new spaces and creating an interactive environment. Thanks to their efforts, the interiors have a very unusual design and style. Tower Park Praha is responsible for their maintenance. June 2013 saw the opening of garden restaurant Miminoo located right at the foot of the tower in Mahler Park, where you can also find an 18-hole miniature golf course, a picnic lawn, and an ice rink in the winter months.

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Technical parameters

The foundation of the tower consists of a reinforced concrete slab at a depth of 15 metres, with a thickness of 4 metres and a diameter of 30 metres. Three steel tubes are fixed onto this base. The main and tallest tube, completed with an antenna extension, measures 6.4 metres (21 feet) in diameter. The diameter of the other two is 4.8 metres (16 feet). The main tube houses two lifts which travel at a speed of 4 metres (13 feet) per second. The adjacent towers contain a maintenance and technical lift and a fire escape with 736 steps. The vertical tubes support three cabins with a three-armed floor plan. These alone reach a height of 134 metres (440 feet).

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The babies

In the year 2000, the now characteristic babies became a part of the tower. These 10 enormous toddlers climbing up and down the tower were initially only a temporary feature of the Žižkov Television Tower as part of the project Prague – European Capital of Culture. Such was their popularity, however, that a year later they were installed on the tower permanently. The fibreglass sculptures called Miminka (Babies) are 3.5 metres (11 ft 6 in) long, 2.6 metres (8 ft 6 in) wide, and weigh approximately 150 kg (331 lb). If you would like to see these babies close up, come and visit Prague’s Kampa Park. Here you will find another three, the difference being that they are made of bronze. The babies are the work of internationally recognised Czech artist David Černý, who is known for his provocative and controversial artwork. It is therefore no surprise that the artist has never revealed the meaning behind the babies.

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The Zizkov Tower is among 50 federation members from more than 20 countries of the world and is proud of its membership! That's why we made at one of the sightseeing cabins place for models of  great towers, where you can measure their height and construction.

Each of the towers is the monument of a given place and the city, and thanks to this association, towers inspire, recognize and support each other in their activities. For each individual tower, you can get a better look here: www.great-towers.com and read much more about them, such as the French Eiffel Tower, the American Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Russian Ostankino TV Tower, Bratislava Ufo and many more!

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The tower is one of mankind’s oldest architectural accomplishments. A tower gave an elevated view of the surrounding country and made it possible to see an enemy approaching. Its walls protected those inside and gave them a powerful strategic advantage. But soon, the impulse that shaped towers moved beyond the pragmatic and defensive.
“Let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven.”
These words are from the Book of Genesis and refer to the Tower of Babel, a huge tower built on the plain of Shinar. Although the Tower of Babel’s actual appearance, scale and location is now unknown, this phrase stands tall in tower mythology. It is a powerful early literary evocation of the impulse for transcendence—an impulse that guides the creation of so many of today’s great towers.

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Today, each new tower strives to top the architectural achievements of the towers that came before. Most of the extraordinary buildings in WFGT have become a symbol of their cities. Modern ingenuity and technology now make it possible to reach incredible heights, and every few years, records are broken.
Towers have acquired new purpose in communications and tourism. The rise of the skyscraper has paralleled the rise of telecommunications, and most of the towers in the Federation now are home to multiple transmitters. Millions of visitors scale the great towers of the Federation each year to admire the spectacular panoramas. Attracting tourists has become a big part of the day-to-day business of running a tower, and these structures now offer rides, revolving restaurants, exhibitions, business conventions, wedding venues and a host of other attractions to cater to their visitors.

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